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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Top 5 Hot Actors for 2005!

Brad Pitt - Can I say "He is Single although he is linked with Ms. Jolie? BIG FAN OF BOTH:

Jude Law - (seen in every other film) - What is so weird is that he looks like my ex-two boyfriends ago - no lie. Still somewhat stale over that relationship.

Vin Diesel - yes big ego, cocky but I can't argue I would do whatever was needed to have one minute with this dude:

Joseph Fiennes (look at those eyes)okay maybe NOT since they took my pic talk about not sharing. Nerve of some web people.I would insert a pic here but could not find one. If anyone has a good one, please share.

Adrian Brody (there are no words...)

If you want to see more of these pics for check out:

Monday, November 28, 2005

Search for Steve Perry??

Greetings Baseball Fans,

I am not a fan of the "game" nor do I try to chime in when my buddies are having intense debate about the Yankees or Mets. I have actually gone to a Yankees game and the most fun I had was eating the hot dog. But that is just me...So go Yankees!

Well, what the hell does that have do with Journey (80's ballad group) and the amazing Steve Perry (yes his voice still gives me chills - MC please don't cover any more of his songs).

Baseball team players get traded every year but I believe it is because it is either their decision or because they are not performing well on the team - who knows I am just a girl? I didn't see that parallel with Journey and Steve Perry. I did watch Behind the Music on VH1 and it seems from the story he was out too many times and continuous poor health -- they went on their own" so what did they do...find Steve AGIO??? However his name is spelled it is not worth the copy in my rant.

Learn a lesson from METALLICA man!

Either way Steve?? will never be Steve Perry, I don't care if he gets plastic surgery.

So I went on search for the PERRY -- those amazing pipes (boo hoo) and I found many sites dedicated to him and one site that answers most of my questions ...What about a new album? Can't you claim those songs your old band sings every night on the road? When will you sing live again? I don't know the answers but this is what I found:

Teaser: rumor SP was reuniting with Journey -- NO DICE

Well, if you ever come across my blog STEVE PERRY...Your voice is forever in my heart:)

Champagne and strawberries for everyone... 2cents and bag of chips

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Is Bisexuality a Fad?

Bisexuality...Have your cake and eat it too!

The medical term for bisexuality according to in the dictionary is Having both male and female reproductive organs; hermaphroditic. But according to a person that is attracted to both sexes.

As they say, bi's are those who decide to go down that path to get the best of both worlds and not make a true commitment to any sexual preference.

Is that really the reason people chose the bisexual path or is it something much deeper?

Today, sex is discussed more often and at times perhaps too much or too little, it depends on who you talk to and the subject matter.

So why bisexuality? What makes a person decide to be bisexual? Are they exploring both sexes until they find the right fit? Why does anyone have to make a choice...

I am not sure I know any of the answers but I have discussed this subject with many of my straight and gay friends who have confessed they have either been curious about the other sex or have experienced the both sexes during their early years of exploration or for curiosity.

For anyone who is on the same knowledge quest, check out the following sites: - for answers - for meeting people - news for bisexual people across the world

My three cents and condom

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